I’m Alice, the founder of The Comfy Bra Company.

Like many women at the end of their day, I was desperate to be free of my wired bra. As great as that was I always felt I needed some support.

I searched high and low for a bralette but all bralettes seemed to be in sizes small, medium and large (not ideal when you have a small under band and bigger cup!). So, I decided to create a bralette that met my requirements and the requirements so many other women. I wanted to provide women like myself with a wireless, supportive and comfortable bralette in their own bra sizes and so The Angela and The Aisling bralettes were created.

I wanted to keep comfort at the forefront of the design so our underwear is all GOTS certified Organic Cotton and supports you all day and even through the night.

I hope you love them as much as I do. 

Alice x